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Vacuum Casting Services

Vacuum casting involves injecting a resin into a silicone mould. Because of its cost and deadline, this method is most suited to pre-series, with a faithful reproduction of the original model and a result close to the end result in the “right material”. Vacuum casting technology is recommended for the production of around ten to one hundred parts for mechanical or visual tests. 

As 3D Printing evolves over the period of time, the new concepts of manufacturing have come to help industries & respective people. 

Casting in India is very famous term for metal casting, but with “silicon moulds for resin India” is a new term for Indian customers. Few people also called it as a silicon moulding in India. 

Vacuum casting service is a highly modern and versatile tech that has the capabilities of creating a wide range of cast nylon and polyurethane (PU) resins and replicate, replace or create engineering polymers for end-use parts or prototypes. 

The vacuum casting is suitable for low volume production, where injection moulding is not feasible or profitable. Normally in vacuum casting services, a single mould can produce up to 50 identical parts/products before re-tooling is required. 

One of the critical steps in vacuum casting is the creation of the mould. Typically, at 3D Era Tech, this is usually done at RTV (room temperature vulcanization) with the master model being created from silicone rubber. 

The master model is usually made via 3D printing from a digital model of CAD (computer-aided design). But if a client wants an identical part/product, the prototype is made from a silicone rubber mould. 

Moulds created from vacuum casting polyurethane can reproduce up to more than 20 parts, making it cost-effective. 

There are very few casting companies in Pune, who have this facility. 3D Era Tech is one of reliable & recognized as Vacuum casting companies in Pune. 

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