Metal 3D Printing

The technical term for metal 3D printing is DMLS i.e. Direct Metal Laser Sintering. 

DMLS process enables the fabrication of fully dense 3D Structures by selective melting of micro-sized metal powder using a high-intensity laser beam. Due to its ability to form fully dense structures, the mechanical properties are equivalent to those achieved by the use of conventional manufacturing methodology. 

Earlier, Metal 3D Printing in India was not popular due to its high costs, so people where not preferring metallic 3d printing. 

But nowadays Metal 3D printing technology & Metal 3d printing services gaining much popularity as awareness getting increased. But its not just about technology, its material variety also responsible for its development. 

DMLS or Metal 3D prints uses a variety of alloys so as to offer

DMLS or Metal 3D prints uses a variety of alloys so as to offer 

  • Durability 
  • Rigidity 
  • Lightweight  
  • Complex Geometry 
  • Internal & Intricate features 
  • Functional prototype 
  • Strong & dense 

Solutions and other characteristics to fabricate the metal parts. Metal 3D printing is much better than traditional techniques that use less energy and reduces waste to a minimum. Metal additive manufacturing is used across a vast number of industry sectors including:



Tooling & Automation



Earlier it was difficult to set up a metallic 3D printer, but as we practicing and gaining an expertise with 3d printing in metal. The number of metal 3d printing companies start to increase and able to give 100% satisfactory output to their respective customers. With current scenario, we have reached to the peak of the expertise with metal 3d prints where we are serving abroad companies as well. 

We do provide following materials under our metal 3d printing in India

  • Maraging Steel (Tool Steel) 
  • Stainless Steel CX (Corrosion resistance for Medical & Food grade tooling) 
  • Stainless Steel 316 L 
  • Titanium TI 64 (Medical & Aerospace) 
  • Inconel 718, 625 

If you have any query or doubt about metallic 3d printing, kindly contact us get clear your doubts and get your job done for Metal 3D printing. It will not save only material cost; it will save your time as well.  

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