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3D Scanning Services

There are several advantages to the use of 3D scanners over other measurement tools. Because they use lasers rather than visible light, 3D scanners easily handle objects with shiny or dark surfaces that might otherwise be difficult to illuminate and digitise.  

Digitising an object in three dimensions no longer requires the use of a large machine fixed to a single laboratory or workshop location – many 3D scanners are hand-held or otherwise portable. 3D laser scanners are less sensitive to fluctuations or extremes in light levels than other optical measurement tools. Scanning equipment is usually quick and simple to use, and has a low running cost. 

3D Era Tech is one of recognizable and reliable company for 3D Scanning in Pune. We do provide a 3D scanning services as well as, sell the 3D Scanners in India. 

3D Scanning in India is now started to attract the different industrial sectors with its time efficient & smart solution. 

3D Scanning Advantages

Quickly capture all of the physical measurements of any physical object 

Save time in design work 

Ensure parts will fit together on the first try 

Capture engineering optimizations inherent in manufactured parts 

Utilize modern manufacturing on parts that were originally manufactured before CAD 

Compare “as-designed” model to “as-built” condition of manufactured parts 

It increases the efficiency of the designer and engineer while making difficult objects. 

How 3D Scanner Works ?

Digitally capturing the shape of the object using reflected laser light to get a digital representation of the real object. These 3D scanners are able to measure really fine details and capture free-form shapes to generate highly accurate point clouds. After getting the point clouds, the scanning software create mesh by attaching them in trigonometric structure and gives output of STL file. The 3D modelling software get used to create the surfaces over scanned data to get actual 3D model.

Our expertise with 3D Scanning

We always focus on how we can provide the professional services to our customers. 3D Scanning service is one of them. We understood that companies from India required a high-quality 3D scanning work. With considering that we come up with different types of 3D scanning i.e., structure light 3D scanning & laser light 3D scanning. We have versatile array of 3D scanners from portable 3d scanner to handheld 3D scanners. Our scanners are capable to scan part with a size of 10mm to 6 meters. Our company avail industrial grade 3D Scanners with absolute precision of 10-15 micron.

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Why 3D Era Tech?

Industrial grade scanners.

Accuracy of 10-15 micron for 3D scanning.

Provide output in required CAD format.

Dimensional inspection i.e. CMM facility with 3D Scanner.

Onsite scanning for large size parts.

Facility of CAD comparison or inspection report.

3D Era Tech is one stop solution for your requirements of reverse engineering, model inspection. As a 3D Scanning service provided in Pune, we are always enthusiastic about our work.  

If you have any requirement of 3D scanning in Pune or else, let us know by clicking  

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