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There is nothing more expensive than a thoughtful gift- surprise your loved ones on their birthdays and anniversaries with a cute miniature version of themselves. 

3D Selfie Miniature

A 3D Selfie is a 3D printed scale replica of a person. 

These three-dimensional selfies are also known as 3D portraits, 3D selfies, 3D figurines, and miniature statues. The 3D miniature is usually printed in full colour using PLA filament or sandstone multicolour 3D printing.  

In recent years, selfies have taken over the world by storm. Everyone from common people to celebrities has taken part in the selfie trend. Therefore, 3D miniature printer has stepped it up a notch and brought about the idea of 3D selfies or selfie 3D printing concept, which are basically 3D busts of the person of whom selfie is being taken. 

3D miniatures printing is a skill full job, where 3D Era Tech have skills to match the 3D selfies with its 3D miniature printing. 

3D miniature printing is necessary for architectural, gaming and movies among others. Architects have to submit their structural models wherein they need human figurines in various parts of their model. Even gaming and animation movies need miniature models in the form of superheroes in the movie. 

The best part you can also make your own 3D printing selfie with the help of selfie 3D printer. People are aware of 3D selfies in India. It’s a popular and accessible market for everyone who looking for 3D miniatures or miniature 3D printing. Few people called it as 3d printed figurines. 

In Japan, 3D miniature models are famous as a corporate gift. If you are looking for 3d printing miniatures or 3d printing figurines, connect with us. We are happy to create 3D selfie miniature for you and for your loved ones. 

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